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for dogs and cats when they get sick

Pet insurance doesn’t need to be complicated

NOW Pet policies cover for illness and accidental injury, allowing policyholders to claim for vet bills. When you renew, the policy benefit limit simply resets for another year and gives coverage for on-going conditions.


Vet fee cover up to £5,000 total limit

Set limit for all conditions

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We may love pets but fluff certainly isn’t included with our pet cover. Our experts, who have over 20 years pet insurance experience, have created five simple but well-constructed plans designed to keep premiums affordable and pets protected.

5 Levels of LifeTime Cover

All our policies are Lifetime, also known as ‘Reinstatement Cover’ and the only difference between them is the benefit limit. Our Platinum policy has a total set amount up to £5,000 for which you can claim for vet bills, whereas our other four products work a little differently. With no restriction on the number of conditions you can claim for, the below policies are an excellent solution to protect against vet bills should your pet develop multiple conditions.


Vet fee cover up to £4,000 per condition

Unlimited Conditions

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Vet fee cover up to £3,000 per condition

Unlimited Conditions

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Vet fee cover up to £2,000 per condition

Unlimited Conditions

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Vet fee cover up to £1,000 per condition

Unlimited Conditions

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Terms & Conditions Apply.

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*15% Multi-Pet Discount

Insure all your cats and dogs with NOW Pet to save money!

*Policies must be purchased direct and at the same time. 

Why choose NOW Pet?

Launched in December 2021, NOW Pet may be new to the market but our team is not! Our managment team has a wealth of experience in dog and cat insurance spanning more than 20 years. This experience combined with a passion for pet welfare has driven us to create online pet insurance that is straightforward to buy and straightforward claim.

Low excess of £99 - we've got one of the lowest excess rates around!

No hidden fees, pay monthly at no extra cost

Quick claims response with regular progress updates

Access to FREE vet support when you are worried

In-house UK customer service and claims team

Pet insurance that protects your pet as they grow

Cover available for puppies and kittens from just 4 weeks old with no upper age limit for senior pets

Our pet insurance policies also include cover for:

Third Party Liability

Cover for damages and legal costs in the event your dog causes property damage, death or injury to a person that is not a member of your family and who you are not paying to care for your dog at the time.

Theft & Straying

We may pay a contribution towards the original purchase or donation price of your pet if they are lost or stolen (dependant on age of pet). Our policies also provide cover for advertisng and reward.

Holiday Cancellation

Cover for the costs incurred in the cancellation of your pre-booked holiday of longer than three overnight stays outside the United Kingdom should your pet need emergency life-saving treatment.

Holiday Cover

Cover if your pet needs emergency vet treatment as a result of an accidental injury or illness that first showed clinical signs or symptoms during your overseas holiday (qualified listed countries only).

No need to stress, we can pay your vet direct

Having to find emergency funds to pay big vet bills can add additonal stress during a traumatic time. If your vet accepts direct payment, we will happily pay them direct and deposit funds straight into their account.

Subject to claim approval

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your policies lifetime pet insurance?

All of our policies are classed as Lifetime pet insurance, also known as Reinstatement cover. This type of pet insurance allows policyholders to claim for vet bills up to the policy’s limit for conditions that develop whilst the policy is active. The policy limit will reset each year and providing you do not have a break in cover, protection for ongoing medical conditions will be carried forward.

Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

Our policies do not cover conditions or symptoms that existed before taking out a policy. Nor do we cover any conditions that are in anyway related to pre-existing conditions.

Will I have to pay a co-payment?

A contribution of 15% towards each vet bill payable is required when a dog is 8 years or older and a cat 10 years or older. This allows us to keep our premiums affordable for senior pets, who are more likely to develop age related conditions.

Is dental treatment covered?

Any dental or oral treatment that is not due to an accidental injury is not covered by our policies.

How are pet insurance premiums calculated?

When giving you a quote for pet insurance we consider the following:

  • Any health conditions your breed of pet is prone to
  • Where your pet resides and the cost of vet treatment in that area
  • The age of the pet

Typically, quotes will be higher to insure older pets due to the increased risk of developing age related illness. As will premiums to cover pets that are prone to developing chronic health conditions where costly, ongoing treatment may be required.


Can I call you?

Of course! We may be an online pet insurance provider but we’re not a faceless company. If you have a question about our products and want to talk it over, give our friendly Customer Service team a call on 01992 926 006

 New Customers Please Note:

A 14-day waiting period at the start of your policy will apply. Any diagnosed illness or noted symptoms that occur in this period will not be covered.

Cover for accidents will become active after 5 days.

Claiming is easy

Step 1: Download a claims form

Simply download the claims form and complete with the assistance of your vet.

Step 2: Submit the claims form

To prevent delays, when making a claim, please attach the full vet history with the claim form and email to or, alternatively, post to: NOW Pet Insurance, Warner House, 123 Castle Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3TB

Step 3: Get regular progress updates

Every claim is acknowledged within 24 hours of being received. If you’re happy for us to text you, we will ping updates to you.

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